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Air Conditioning Installation & Maintenance

We are specialists in the field and experts in the design, installation & maintenance of Air Conditioning & Ventilation Systems.

We use the best quality equipment by the world’s largest manufacturer’s of air conditioning and ventilation systems. We tailor our service to meet your needs and to ensure that your premises is sufficiently ventilated.

Air Conditioning
We supply and install a complete range of air conditioning systems including: –

  • Window (through the wall type) units
  • Split Systems (Wall Mounts, Ceiling Cassettes, Ceiling Suspended, Ducted & Floor Mounted Units).
  • Multi Split Systems – we can install 2-8 indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit.
  • VRV/VRF – with up to 64 indoor units connected to 1 outdoor unit.


We recommend that your systems are checked every six months. This will ensure that your equipment is working correctly and prolong the life of your system, keeping running costs down. We are always happy to provide a quote over the phone or a site visit can be arranged. So if you are worried that a check is long overdue, call us today on 01375 846346!